Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why Plumtree?

This is my first post so I'll begin by explaining the name of my blog.

Plumtree is a small agricultural village on the edge of a cliff, about two miles from my home and school in Barbados. Growing up, I remember looking across the gullyside to and wondering when I would be able to go out there and sit under the casuarina trees. Always it seemed to be so close but yet so far away. I was about thirteen before I could visit and the best I could say about it was I was totally disoriented: it didn't look anything like what I had seen from the other side. To tell the truth, I never really knew whether I was in Plumtree because there is another village nearby, Dunscombe, and I never knew where one ended and the other begun.

So that's why Plumtree - it tells the story of my life. The dream that becomes reality but which one?

I never have photos so you probably won't find one here. Actually I use to love cameras but one day I will tell you about that . . .