Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why Plumtree?

This is my first post so I'll begin by explaining the name of my blog.

Plumtree is a small agricultural village on the edge of a cliff, about two miles from my home and school in Barbados. Growing up, I remember looking across the gullyside to and wondering when I would be able to go out there and sit under the casuarina trees. Always it seemed to be so close but yet so far away. I was about thirteen before I could visit and the best I could say about it was I was totally disoriented: it didn't look anything like what I had seen from the other side. To tell the truth, I never really knew whether I was in Plumtree because there is another village nearby, Dunscombe, and I never knew where one ended and the other begun.

So that's why Plumtree - it tells the story of my life. The dream that becomes reality but which one?

I never have photos so you probably won't find one here. Actually I use to love cameras but one day I will tell you about that . . .


Miguel said...

Hey Frank...As usual interesting and thought provoking comments! The dream was getting to Plumtree , even thoguh it was not what you thought it might be...Doesn't it happen to most wishes or dreams we have! C'est la vie!
I'm already curious about this story related to cameras! Please don't keep us in suspense, Frank!


Anna said...

I love the Plumtree story Frank and I too am keen to know about the camera. Did you have a bad experience once and have decided never again to use them?


Zahida said...

What a fantastic name "Plumtree". It has, for me, lovely springlike connotations. I was wondering about the name before you explained the story, Frank.

Valentina Dodge said...

A wonderful name and great first posting - with this kind of descriptive entry there's no need for photos, you've conjured up the images anyway.
Thanks and well done,